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Patient: Why am I not losing weight? Why do I feel heavy? Why

don't I have energy?

CRWI: You must unclog your colon.

Patient: I take stool softeners, laxatives, and drink hot drinks, but

nothing works.

CRWI: Nothing that you've tried works; however, you haven't tried

colon hydrotherapy. It's the instant detox with proven results.

Patient after Colonics: Wow, I feel lighter and so... much better. Why

didn't I know about this 5 years ago?

CRWI: Do no look back. Now it's up to you to invest in yourself and

implement what you now know.

Patient: Priceless

CRWI: Absolutely, "Your wellness is your wealth."

Did you know that colonics reduces chances of acquiring certain sickness?

Did you know that colonics improves many conditions and promotes overall well-being?

Why Do People Receive Colon Hydrotherapy?

•  Athletes have opted for colon therapy to improve metabolic efficiency.

•  Many receive the treatments during a period of lifestyle change or as a preventive measure.

•  Symptoms of intestinal distress; constipation (some from prescription drugs), carbohydrate indigestion, diarrhea, gas, bloat, hemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diverticulitis,

colitis, parasites, skin conditions such as psoriasis, shingles, and eczema, inability to lose weight, and scar tissue and adhesions from surgery.

•  Pain motived; abdominal pain, continuous headaches and migraines, back or shoulder pain, aching joints, gout.

•  A number of clients are immune-compromised with lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, cancer, chronic fatigue, Epstein-Barre, candida, infections, colds or influenza.

Colon hydrotherapy sessions are used for medical reasons: pre- and post surgery or barium x-ray, stool samples, and geriatric.

•  A number come in during a fast, a cleansing program, a raw food diet, a liver and /or gallbladder flush, or recovering from an accident.

Some are working on emotional issues which they feel are physiologically rooted in their intestines.

Benefits Of Colon Hydrotherapy

Weight Loss

Increased Energy

Sensation of well being

Compression of neighboring organs disappears

Reduces pressure in the intra-abdominal area stimulates peristaltic action of intestines and expels parasites

Improves your skin over time

& More


Detoxification is the process of removing toxic substances from a personís body. In the earlier years, detox was mostly known as a treatment for people suffering from drug or

alcohol dependence. Today, however, it is also known as a safe and effective means of removing dietary toxins from the body.

The aim in detox treatments is to assist the body in attaining a level of health, balance and freedom from chemical limitations so that it will need very little, if any, reliance on any

medication or therapies. Detoxification systems aim to support and to strengthen the body is its own struggle toward health and healing.

Due to the rise of chronic auto-immune and degenerative diseases, our health report is at an all-time negative. Emotional and mental health is also declining. We are constantly

taxing the body at every angle with very little help to support the natural processes the body requires. Most modern drugs are manufactured for inorganic chemicals developed in

laboratories. We are organic beings with an anatomy designed to assimilate organic substances, not manufactured chemicals. On an average day we use about 22 different toxins

on our bodies for personal grooming and hygiene. Constant digestion of inorganic foods and chemical filled products will lead to dis-ease. Almost every drug developed has some

destructive side effects on another vital organ or function of the body. The drugs we create may suppress the disease, relieve symptoms and even ease pain, but they do so at our

peril because they never address the underlying cause of disease. The pharmaceutical company makes billions on our illness so why would they be proactive in curing our


There is no doubt that modern medicine has contributed to our improving health. But it is improving a healthcare system that should have never had some of the illnesses in the

first place. Yes, we are living longer now, but we are dying sicker than ever. Today we have to take an active role in our healthcare. We can start improving our health with

nutritionally sound dietary habits, adopting exercise as a way of life, relaxation and natural resources that promote health and healing. Choosing safe and gentle approaches to

healthcare is only one of the many areas in which we will see a return to traditional values of a holistic understanding of our bodies and environment.

I believe this journey begins when one develops a lifestyle of detoxification. Letís be honest, we can not avoid every toxic chemical or harmful substances. To do so would mean

that we would have to live in a sterilized bubble and even that could not guarantee complete detox. But, the first step is to detox the body. While there are many ways to detox the

body, I personally agree that colonics is the best, safest, most accurate way to get rid of toxins that accumulated in the body.

Colonics has been around for thousands of years and dates back to the early Egyptians who used hollow bamboo reeds and administered their own colonics. A colonic is gentle

infusion of filtered water into the colon to detoxify and cleanse the body. This procedure effectively removes the hardened fecal matter from the walls of the colon. On average,

the colon holds up to 22 lbs of fecal matter. The average American consumes about 3 meals per day and that makes about 21 meals weekly. If you are only eliminated 1 to 2 times

per week then that gives you an idea of how toxic you are.

Many ask me, how much weight will I lose when I have a colonic. The short answer is this, you will lose only what your body is willing to let go of. We have taught our bodies to

love the toxins that we feed it. If given the opportunity to stop using our favorite products or abstain from our favorite foods, many of us will not do so. Even if it means that we will

be healthy. The road to health is a long journey, but it does not have to be. If we have a backup system for all the toxic things we do and feed our bodies we will live better lives.

Colonics for many is the best answer. It is the fastest detox on the market in under 1 hour. The results are immediate and when you do it as a series, you can effectively remove a

lot of old food and toxins from the colon. The best side effect of this procedures is that you walk away with a flatter tummy and some of the toxins that you were holding on that

could cause illness is now removed.

Columbus Research & Wellness works hard to supply alternative health lifestyles for the natural enthusiasts or for those seeking a holistic lifestyle. We will
gladly accept your appointment for any detoxification systems.


After visits to a Specialist for gastrointestinal issues, I had no success with balancing proper digestion and weight loss. A friend referred me to Columbus Research & Wellness and

after only two colonics, I was relieved of IBS symptoms and loss twenty pounds in 2 months. I am pleased to announce that because CRWI is the natural alterative that works. I no

longer take prescription medication for my digestive health!  B. Bryant

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