B-12 for Weight Loss

Are you energy deficient? Columbus Research & Wellness has B-12 injections to give sufficient energy.  Vitamin B12 helps to boost

your metabolism and promote fat burning in the body in several ways. It helps to transform fats and protein to energy through

metabolism. Oxygen is required for the metabolic reactions that occur in each cell, and vitamin B12 works with folic acid to

produce red blood cells (erythrocytes) that carry oxygen from the lungs to every cell in the body. Actions that occur in each cell,

and vitamin B12 works with folic acid to produce red blood cells (erythrocytes) that carry oxygen from the lungs to every cell in the


These are once or twice per week injections. 

Have you tried and tried to lose weight, yet, nothing seems to work or work long enough to give you the results you desire?  HELP is on the way!!!   Columbus Research & Wellness has multiple weight loss solutions to meet multiple needs, body types and medical conditions. If what you’re doing not working then stop what you are doing and find another solution. You may need doctor supervised weight loss. Our Naturopath, Dr. Harris is here to help. We customize programs specifically for you.  No one person has the exact weight gain issue therefore, everyone can’t use the same strategy for losing weight.  Each body is engineered differently. We do not use a cookie cutter approach to your diet.  Nor, do we load you with useless information, tons of literature to lose weight.  We work one on one with you to get results. We believe that any weight problem must be tackled from the root.  If you do not start off when a clean detoxed body, we believe your results for weight lost will be minimal.  Weight loss can begin with healthy cells.  Healthy cells promote healing of the body and true weight loss. Contact CRWI today to schedule a consult.  Consults start at $50.


There are many drugs for obesity that have come and gone, but only a few have stood the test of time. Adipex is one that has been around since the 1950s with a safety profile that has been proven to work. Most people know Adipex by its generic name of Phentermine, but also under many different brand names to treat obesity.  Phentermine has stood out as the most safe and useful drug for weight loss through the years. Our physician directed weight loss uses diet pills such as Phentermine.

The biggest challenge facing those struggling with weight is overeating and lack of exercise. Whether it is overeating due to stress, emotional problems or just boredom, trying lose weight alone doesn’t seem to work. 

How does Phentermine work? It goes straight to the source of the problem within the brain that regulates hunger and what the body does when it thinks that it needs more food. This drug goes to the hypothalamus part of the brain to tell it to stop sending out hunger signals. Essentially, it releases nor-epinephrine, a neurotransmitter that will tell the brain food is not needed by triggering what is known as the ‘flight or fight’ response. Many times, those who are obese are getting hunger signals for reasons other than a real need for food. This allows a dieter to have more control over what they eat.

$300 (Consultation, Prescription, EKG, diet plan)

•  Increases Energy
•  Boosts Metabolism
•  Fat Burner
•  Regulates Cholesterol
•  Accelerates Carb/Sugar and Fat Metabolism
•  Reduces Stress

The formula contains a combination of B-1, B-2, B-3, B-5, B-6, B12 vitamins and essential amino acids; some of which are not produced by the body or not easily obtained from current food sources.

Lipovite Injections can be used in conjunction with many different diet plans to aid in losing weight or weight loss programs.

These compounds enhance liver and gallbladder's role by decreasing fat deposits and speeding up metabolism of fat and its removal.

$30 per injection
$100 for bundle (4 Injections)

Appointments are encouraged


The fat shot is a lipotropic injection used to dissolve excessive fat in the body.  The common areas that are affected are the stomach, thighs, neck, butt and hips.  Unlike to B-12 complex, that is mainly vitamins, lipotropics are amino acids Methionine, Inositol, and Choline.  These amino acids stimulate the liver to metabolize and helps the liver remove fat deposits.  There a wonderful benefits to these injections.


Each individual is biochemically unique. This uniqueness is also due to the four basic blood types: O, A, B, and AB. Your individual blood type influences your sensitivity towards certain types of diseases such as cancer, heart disease, allergies, diabetes, etc. Every individual has different nutritional needs which have to be met to prevent blood type related illnesses. 

Have you heard the traditional saying, "you are what you eat"? Diets are tailor-made to cater to one's specific blood type. Eating the right food for your blood type is important as it influences weight issues, mental state, stress management and energy levels. A positive blood type individuals are usually susceptible to cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. The A positive blood type diet emphasizes on strengthening the immune system, supplying cancer fighting antioxidants, forbidding infections to occur and toning up the heart.

Ever wondered why your friend can eat all kinds of breads and meats and not gain any weight? But, if you thrive on such foods, you tend to have an upset stomach. It's sad but true that all foods are not agreeable to our stomach. With the fast emerging theory on "eat right for your blood type", people the world over are ready to accept the change in their lifestyle and a subsequent change in their diet. The enthusiasm and the urge to lead a normal healthy life has resulted in more and more people opting for these tailor-made healthy diets. It is important to know the diet that is best-suited for your blood type. The A positive blood type diet should include low protein intake. Vegetarian diet with no or fewer dairy products are recommended for this particular blood type.

Flat Belly Diet

So what is this talk about having a flatter stomach? Can you really have a flatter stomach in just 21 days? Of course you can, anyone can if they employ the right methods. At Columbus Research & Wellness Institute, we believe we have a plan that has guaranteed results. No gimmicks, no jumping over hoops, but proven methods that have worked for years that just has been packaged together. We believe that belly fat results in many diseases and auto-immune diseases. Our diets have lacked all the vital nutritional enzymes that are required to help keep belly fat at a minimum.Along with stress, bulging stomachs are more the norm now than ever before.  We believe stress plays a significant part in the storing of belly fat.

The Flat Belly Diet at Columbus Research & Wellness is the first step is getting your body back to help. Why do we believe that? We believe that death begins in the colon. Our bodies process all the food that we consume through the gut. We believe harmful eating of toxins daily and metabolized by the gut fills the body with unnecessary junk that the body does not know how to process. What the body does not know how to process it stores it for later usage or just plain old storage. The problem with this is that when the body does not know how to process it, it stays there and become spoiled, rancid or putrefies. Eventually if you have enough unprocessed foods decaying in your body, your body becomes ill. Because the effects of this may not be seen early on in life, you spend your life doing this over and over again until you start getting the first signs of sickness. It may start off as a chronic headache with no known origin. Or you may begin having stomach ailments after eating foods that normally agreed with you. Also, you begin beingdiagnosed with auto-immune diseases like diabetes, arthritis, degenerative problems, irritable bowel syndrome, brain fog, dementia and many other diseases. Our bodies were meant to be detoxed. However, many of the foods that we consume do not push our bodies to detox naturally.

We must help the body. 21 days to a flatter stomach.

2 Flat Belly Plans to choose from

Only $200 - Dr. Consult, Flat Belly Plan, Flat Belly Injection

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