It’s All in The Words

Take It Back Tuesday:  One world can end the world.  One word can start a war.  A one word response can give you the details of a bleeding heart.  One word can tell you your child is in trouble.  One word can let you know your spouse is not ok.  A word is the most powerful weapon we choose to employ.  It kills and destroys more than it builds and create.  If you don’t know how powerful words are just think about the beginning of time.  Words were here before we were.  The book of John reminds us that in the beginning was the Word.  Genesis reveals that the world was created when God spoke.  So if you didn’t think that a word was so powerful, think again.  When my husband and I disagree, I am always left with the words he’s said long after the argument.  Words are embedded into our brain and is stored like memory sticks.  No matter how much you want to forget, the words have found storage space in your brain and certain situations can bring those words back to life.    I don’t have many positive memories of my father, but the one that I believe I inherited from him is that his word meant something.  My daddy was respected for being a man of his word.  Although flawed, as I sit here, I knew if my daddy said it was true.  I’ve always been taught that you can’t take your words back and I make sure I remind my husband of this.  Words hurt and they penetrate so deeply.  The words you put on people are enough to crush them, make them declare defeat or break them to the lowest point.  Words become a belief system.  Just think about how many of us has been told that we would never amount to anything, believed the words of a man that easily tore us down, or was a victim of child hood bullying.  Much of this has shaped the women we have become.  We have placed a value on ourselves because of what someone else measured us by.  We use the words of others as truth.  Ladies, I want to remind you that you are not on clearance and that you are not half-off.  When you know your value it is hard to let someone else tell you differently.  I want you to begin to take back every word that was said to you that did not build you up and toss it into the sea of forgetfulness.  That boss that refuses to promote you, the pastor that uses your gifting for him rather that God  you serve, that man that makes you think it’s ok that you share his love with another woman, that voice that tells you are not pretty enough and that you are not worthy.  Let it go, send it back .  It has not place in your life.  Last week, I struggled because I was not willing to compromise my worth in a situation.  I deserve ALL good things.  I’m faithful, I’m loyal and I love!  For that reason alone, I can have the best and I should attract the best.  Ladies be careful of the words you are saying to yourself.  I heard this morning from a friend whose husband said when she asked him do you love me.  His response was do you love yourself, until you love yourself you will not be able to understand the love I have for you.  That was powerful to me.  Love me, love me.  Ladies, love yourself.  It’s ok if you are not there yet, I will just love you until such time that you do.  Happy Take It Back Tuesday.