“His Will, Her Way” Conference Highlights

There are a multitude of women empowerment conferences across the globe. With hopes of doing better, being better or receiving a one word from a guru or the Lord, women pursue empowerment. The challenge with several conferences is that women attend and receive deposits without deliverance, connections without commitment, meet sassy sisters without embracing sisterhood and walk away with information without direction on application. That was a mouthful.

The Leading Ladies “His Will, Her Way” Empowerment Tour was unique. Prayers were for God to show up like fire. Belief was that every single woman that attended would get exactly what she came for. The expectation was that women would be set free. God delivered on His promises. The consensus is that the attendees feel better, faith has increased, excuses have decreased, hearts were mended, and true sisterhood has been cultivated.

If it had to be described in one word, it would be "Awesome."

His Will, Her Way Tour
Leading Ladies and the NFL & NBA Moms visit the
Tree of Life Clinic in Columbus, GA

What happens when you don’t have insurance? The Tree of Life Medical Clinic can provide healthcare cost to approximately 40,000. Unfortunately, there are no physicians, equipment, or support staff for the new facility donated by Columbus Regional. Leading Ladies and the NFL & NBA Moms joined forces to help with this endeavor, tour the facility, share testimonies and charge the community to invest in this free opportunity for healthcare. Sheryl Howard, mother of NBA Player Dwight Howard, shared with the Charity Gala attendees “the face of no health insurance.” After changing health insurance companies, Mrs. Howard lost health insurance for 3.5 years due to a pre existing health condition. Her testimony taught the audience that the face of no health insurance is not about social class, race, creed or religion. Every socioeconomic class, culture, race, etc. are affected.

The vision for the Tree of Life was clear and made plain. Attendees caught the vision and invested in the call to action.

Finding Friday

Finding Friday:  This entire week has been a world wind of emotions.  I’ve felt disconnected this week due to internal issues with family and friends.  But, yet I rose to do what was expected with work and other activities.  This week many times I masked much of what I felt except to those who can see right through me.  I felt such an overwhelming sadness this week that I still have not completely shaking.  When you couple that with disagreement with your husband (yes, I said it), a sick child in another state, empathy from friends pain and just a sense of feeling helpless.  I command my morning and define my days, but this week it was a struggle.  I have learned to depend on my sisters.  Erica Brooks, Tangie Henry, Pontress S. Bailey shoulders are much heavier for holding me up.  This Friday is not Freedom Friday for me.  I’m not focused and I’m running on adrenaline.  I can get over me, but I can’t bandage the wound I feel for my family or friends.  I hurt for my husband and Siobhan Hardy who has lost grandparents this week, my “Beetle” who has the flu in Florida  and to a mom who is in another state it’s torture.  From the hurt a close friend is experience by being taken advantage of, to those who are struggling to keep faith.  Finally, to hear that there is a shooting in NYC.   With the love you have, how does it not affect you?  My process is different than most.  I have 40 years of emotions that was unleashed.  Some mis- applied, but surges all at once.  Many will say you have to master your emotions.  I know that, and time is helping me with that.  But, until I do, I am still walking out most of it.  I want to care less, because it hurts so much now that I do.  It was simpler when I could walk away or ignore the hearts of others.  But, this day, on this Friday….I’m lost and I can’t find my Friday.  I know it will come so there in lies my hope….  I just pray my hope is not deferred.

Microscope Monday

Microscope Monday:  Let each woman examine herself closely.  Over the last few months I have been from one event to the next. I’ve learned some things along the way.  One events are nerve racking, two, it takes careful planning.  Three, women are very slack (yeah, I said that too.)  Recently a friend was having an event that had food.  The day before her event only 10 people had paid.  About 50  people showed up at the door.  She also told me that many of the ladies said that they would pay at the door.  The problem with this is that, she was not able to account for the food.  This is the same with a friend who had a conference, many wanted to pay the day of event.  How do you account for the conference material if you don’t have an idea.   And finally, I’ve been to events local and other, where women have RSVP and not shown up.  This is probably a personal pet peeve of mine, because that is disrespectful.  Most of us LL are managers of something even if it is our own home.  So we know the details are in our details.  RSVPing to an event and not showing up is not support.  Ladies, please stop doing it, or do not do it as a LL.  With everything let your answers be yes and no.    We have a reputation as being catty and un-supportive as other women.  Let’s begin to change that right now and today.  Many of you know that if I say I will do this…. or say that I will be there.  Nothing short of death, hospitalization or something beyond my reach… I’m there!  I’m loyal and I practice loyalty.  On this microscope Monday, make a commitment to someone else’s vision or event and stick with it to the end.    Do something wild like RSVP to someone and SHOW UP!  I love the English language and my WORD means everything to me.  Happy Microscope Monday!

Who, What, Where,When Wednesday

Who, What, Why Wednesday.  I’ve been missing in action for two days and this is the reason why.  There are many mysteries that we will never know on this side of Glory.  Questions like, Why are here? Why is the world round? Who is the creator? What is my purpose?  Where did God come from?  For the last few days my questions are God, why so much pain?  Why, do we have to die to live? Why can’t I heal everyone and especially those I love? (just being real)  Yesterday I was mixed with emotion because one of my truest friends came to visit.  She is dealing with cancer.  I didn’t want her to see the fear I’ve had for 3 months.  I wanted to be her cheerleader this because she has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader.  Laeh Shea exists because she told me I could do it.  As soon as I saw her, the most amazing kind of love flooded my heart.  I secretly felt my heart beating for her.  I wanted to breathe for her; I wanted to take all that she has endured away but mostly fight Cancer for her.  At that moment I wanted to trade places with her. I felt that I could do a better job and give her rest.   I’ve loved her for awhile now, but the depth of my love surprised me.  I realized my love had transitioned from friends to sisters.  We embraced but this time was different. It was a little longer than our standard greeting.  Her arms felt weak, but the strength of her virtue cradled me.  Her eyes read I needed to see you and I knew too, it was what we both needed.   She is living to fight while I have been fighting to live.  I’ve asked myself what is the difference now in our love.  Before, as friends  we laughed and we cried together and had fun.  But, a sisterhood has emerged.  We became family.   She said to me today, YOU ARE MY FAMILY.  Family is all we really have in this world tangibly, everything else is but a vapor.  I took a chance on loving her and I won!  For those few hours, we knew that we had reached a spiritual depth that mainly comes through a near death experience.  Her’s physically, mine emotionally.  Today, I added one more step on the Leading Lady Ladder.  I have experienced true sisterhood.  I felt her cancer as if it was my own. What cancer has tried to steal ,kill and destroy has been replaced with loving kindness.  Ladies, I’ve found my newest level of love and it looks so good on Lashanda Miles.

A Covenant Sisterhood

Leading Ladies is a group of individuals who agree to collectively build and edify each other for the purpose of empowering. Each member is encouraged to be their authentic self. As a sisterhood, this is place for mental, spiritual and holistic respite through advice, encouragement, counsel, support and prayer for others.

Theresa Harris Reading

Our Mission

To create a safe environment for leading ladies to come and discuss subject matter that challenge them in business, health, economics, corporate, family and the community.

To Serve as a moving vehicle with the purpose of sharing resources, building character, encouraging, uplifting,
sharing ideas, patronizing within the community, and strengthening our community.


Utilizing a dynamic atmosphere that encourages dialogue to stimulate group interactions fostering relationship building.

Our History

Leading Ladies of Columbus, Georgia was formed in 2011 by Dr. Ann Hardman and Dr. Theresa Harris as the result of the energy needed in the Columbus community for women who need a voice to be heard. With a growing disappointment for many networks, social organizations and clubs that fail the adequately build relationship between women from the beginning, Leading Ladies vowed to be different. Evidenced by the overwhelming number of attendees, the visionaries realized the potential strength that could be derived from creating a supportive organization that could serve as a vehicle for addressing the specific needs of women in the community.

Leading Ladies Candle Vigil

It’s All in The Words

Take It Back Tuesday:  One world can end the world.  One word can start a war.  A one word response can give you the details of a bleeding heart.  One word can tell you your child is in trouble.  One word can let you know your spouse is not ok.  A word is the most powerful weapon we choose to employ.  It kills and destroys more than it builds and create.  If you don’t know how powerful words are just think about the beginning of time.  Words were here before we were.  The book of John reminds us that in the beginning was the Word.  Genesis reveals that the world was created when God spoke.  So if you didn’t think that a word was so powerful, think again.  When my husband and I disagree, I am always left with the words he’s said long after the argument.  Words are embedded into our brain and is stored like memory sticks.  No matter how much you want to forget, the words have found storage space in your brain and certain situations can bring those words back to life.    I don’t have many positive memories of my father, but the one that I believe I inherited from him is that his word meant something.  My daddy was respected for being a man of his word.  Although flawed, as I sit here, I knew if my daddy said it was true.  I’ve always been taught that you can’t take your words back and I make sure I remind my husband of this.  Words hurt and they penetrate so deeply.  The words you put on people are enough to crush them, make them declare defeat or break them to the lowest point.  Words become a belief system.  Just think about how many of us has been told that we would never amount to anything, believed the words of a man that easily tore us down, or was a victim of child hood bullying.  Much of this has shaped the women we have become.  We have placed a value on ourselves because of what someone else measured us by.  We use the words of others as truth.  Ladies, I want to remind you that you are not on clearance and that you are not half-off.  When you know your value it is hard to let someone else tell you differently.  I want you to begin to take back every word that was said to you that did not build you up and toss it into the sea of forgetfulness.  That boss that refuses to promote you, the pastor that uses your gifting for him rather that God  you serve, that man that makes you think it’s ok that you share his love with another woman, that voice that tells you are not pretty enough and that you are not worthy.  Let it go, send it back .  It has not place in your life.  Last week, I struggled because I was not willing to compromise my worth in a situation.  I deserve ALL good things.  I’m faithful, I’m loyal and I love!  For that reason alone, I can have the best and I should attract the best.  Ladies be careful of the words you are saying to yourself.  I heard this morning from a friend whose husband said when she asked him do you love me.  His response was do you love yourself, until you love yourself you will not be able to understand the love I have for you.  That was powerful to me.  Love me, love me.  Ladies, love yourself.  It’s ok if you are not there yet, I will just love you until such time that you do.  Happy Take It Back Tuesday.