Welcome To Organic Sista



Today is my first blog on Organic Sista.  It’s been a long journey for me to get back to this place.  I’m so excited to share with the world the gifts that I have bottled up inside of me.  I’m a natural enthusiast.  I love all things natural.  I love organic as well, but my scientific mind knows that most things are truly not organic. Over the past 10 years my life has evolved into what one might term naturalista.  I still travel comfortably in the not so natural world.  I don’t practice organically 100% of the time, because I haven’t freed myself from the dependency of certain inorganic things.  But, I’m in process.  (bet you heard that before)

I didn’t take notice for many years that my ideologies had changed about many things I put on my hair and body. I found myself looking at labels and wondering what I am putting inside my body.  But, more specifically, I seemed to disagree with most popular opinions on everything we do as a culture.  At this time, I also embarked on a spiritual journey.  From a small child, I was always curious about God.  I had so many questions that I never got the answer to.  There was never a time in the church service that I could raise my hand and ask a question.  For the most part, I’d been in church and listened to the sermons of the pastors, but, I was no more closer to God than just a mere acquaintance.  I knew God through what I was told and not what I had experienced.

As with all of us, we get older and our perspective begin to change.  Then comes this certain awareness about the brevity of life.  I found myself wanting  to know what my purpose was.  Why am I here?  What is my contribution to the universe?  I began to ask these questions of myself.   I knew I had to surrender to God to find out.  I said God, I need to know you.  I mean, really!  Who are you?  I know I  had joined the church at an early age, that I am to love my fellow man, and that I got live a Christian life.  But, what does a Christian life look like?  There were too many opinions to narrow down which one was right.  Too many denominations to know which one was the better one.   But, God, “DO YOU REALLY EXIST?”  Yes, I said it out loud.  I had to ask.  I wanted to know.  I desperately needed to know.  I can commit to anything that I believe in, but my starting point was God, I don’t really know if you exist beyond my belief in that I’ve told I had to trust you and not doubt.  The journey took me to the Grand Canyon…..where I would finally get my answers. (a future post, I promise)

What I learned from these questions, was that  our Lord didn’t  look at what I said as doubt.  It was more or less that I needed proof.  The Lord was all to eager to provide me all the proof I needed.  He simply pointed out everything I have ever known and seen.  He said, that is evidence that I exist.    Even in the Bible, we see that Jesus said if you have faith…               I actually had the faith, but I didn’t believe.  I had the faith  that God was real, but I needed the proof to believe.  I felt so much guilt for questioning God this way.  He began to show me in the Bible, instances where he spoke on faith to believe.  Each of those instances, I notice  that Jesus had taught in the area that he healed first.  So the people had to hear the world of God or his Word had spread through the region and they developed their faith.  It brought me to Romans 10:14 How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? I realized that I hadn’t been taught the Word of God to believe.  I had been in church and had faith, but my faith wasn’t activated by belief.  So my faith was just hope.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve allowed the Holy Spirit to teach me exclusively.  To detail what that means will take up more time than I have in this post.  But, just suffice is to say, that I’m being taught by the Master.  He has struck down my beliefs, my own understandings and substituted his word.  This leads me back to the original intent of my post.  Because God in his infinite wisdom knew me before I was formed in my mother’s womb, and knew the steps he had ordered for me, I have been on a journey that I thought I had led.  I can look back over my life know and see all the footprints of the Master, either leading me, carrying me and sometimes dragging me!  He has been preparing me for my highest purpose.

Today, I start this post with the best intention of allowing God to use me as his vessel to share and disburse all that is within me that he has given me that was not for my ownership.  The gifts, I have, I know were meant to be shared.  They were never mine to keep or to use for self fulfillment.  I’m the chosen vessel to transport his Word from point A to B.

So what can we expect from this blog?  I truly don’t know.  I have many talents and I know the Lord will explore them all.  But, variety adds spice to life.  So, I am WONDERFULLY EXCITED about this new chapter.

I am the Organic Sista. I am married to the sexiest man in the world and the mother cutest kid in the world I call “Beetle.”  I hate to edit and it somehow’s throws off my organic nature (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it).  I’m at my best when I’m making natural products, gardening, crafting and reading the Bible.