A Covenant Sisterhood

Leading Ladies is a group of individuals who agree to collectively build and edify each other for the purpose of empowering. Each member is encouraged to be their authentic self. As a sisterhood, this is place for mental, spiritual and holistic respite through advice, encouragement, counsel, support and prayer for others.

Theresa Harris Reading

Our Mission

To create a safe environment for leading ladies to come and discuss subject matter that challenge them in business, health, economics, corporate, family and the community.

To Serve as a moving vehicle with the purpose of sharing resources, building character, encouraging, uplifting,
sharing ideas, patronizing within the community, and strengthening our community.


Utilizing a dynamic atmosphere that encourages dialogue to stimulate group interactions fostering relationship building.

Our History

Leading Ladies of Columbus, Georgia was formed in 2011 by Dr. Ann Hardman and Dr. Theresa Harris as the result of the energy needed in the Columbus community for women who need a voice to be heard. With a growing disappointment for many networks, social organizations and clubs that fail the adequately build relationship between women from the beginning, Leading Ladies vowed to be different. Evidenced by the overwhelming number of attendees, the visionaries realized the potential strength that could be derived from creating a supportive organization that could serve as a vehicle for addressing the specific needs of women in the community.

Leading Ladies Candle Vigil

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