Expect the Unexpected





I wonder how often we believe that God will do just what he said.  As a rule, we trust God and we inherently know that he will never lie to us.  After all the Bible, tells us that he is not a man that he should lie.  So, I find myself this day, questioning myself.  Why am I so surprised when God does exactly what he says he is going to do?  I’m putting my faith on display here.  Do I really trust God?  If so, why the look of amazement when that which I have been hoping, praying and believing for has been performed at the hands of God.

I was recently brought to the book of Matthews 25 for an explanation to my questions.  Matthew gives us a recounting of the ten virgins.  Five were wise and five were foolish.  The foolish virgins carried oil to meet the bridegroom, but didn’t carry enough oil.  The five who were wise were wise enough to bring enough oil to meet the bridegroom when he came.  I’ve read this passage several times and it has always been easy enough for me to decode its meaning.  It’s simple, we must be prepared. However, this latest time that I read it.   I have viewed it differently.  I’ve always thought the foolish virgins were just unprepared and not necessarily foolish.  How many of us have not fully counted the cost, or underestimated the amount of something?  I truly felt sorry that these foolish virgins should have been given a little mercy; after all they did come with some oil.  So why penalize them so harshly?

Well the truth of the matter is that they were foolish.  If we examine it more closely let’s look at what we know about this story.  Firstly, they knew that the bridegroom was coming. Secondly, they knew that they needed oil as they awaited his return.  Thirdly, they should have noticed the other 5 women taking more oil with them than they carried. Fourthly, since they did not know the exact timing of the return of the bridegroom they didn’t prepare properly.  Finally, they never considered rather than asking for the other women’s oil to meet the bridegroom that they could have asked one of the ladies can I walk with you on the journey to meet the bridegroom.  Hey, why did they need individual lamps?  Can’t one lamp light the pathway for two?   None of the five ever considered partnering with the otherwise women.  If they had combined the oil of each other’s lamp their supply would have lasted twice as long. By the way, if I saw the bridegroom coming.  I would have found him in the dark.  I’m just saying.  All of this made them foolish.

As Christians we too are foolish.  We are not prepared for the bridegroom.  On one hand we say that we want to be with Christ.  But, if given the opportunity to die, we will choose to live.  No one wants to die, but we all scream we want to be with Jesus.  We will go to drastic measures to remain on planet earth.  To receive Christ’s return we must expect the unexpected.  If we are not properly waiting for his return, how will we ever go back with him?  Will he find us without oil?  Or, will we have our lamps trimmed and eagerly anticipating his return.

As a little girl, I dreamed of the most perfect fantasy wedding.   I believe every woman has dreamed of that magical day.  As I grow deeper in Christ, I have shifted the fantasy to a spiritual dream wedding when I prepare myself for my groom.  Jesus has promised to marry me and take me away.  His love for me I still am trying to understand.  Why would someone love me before the foundation of the world?  I’m so amazed at being one of his created being.  It means that all the times that I felt unworthy, un-pretty, unnecessary and “un-normal” that I am the exact opposite of all that.  Of all the things that God did not create I WAS NOT ONE OF THEM!

So my very existence proves his love for me.  Every cell in my body marks the artistry that he used to create me.  My eyes, my nose, my face, my legs and my hands are all created for his glory.  So today, I remind myself can I expect the unexpected.  YES I CAN!  I am collecting my oil.  I’m predestined to be prepared.  My name, yeah, it’s written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.  I’m blood bought and my groom awaits me.  Who wouldn’t serve a God like that?

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