Good Morning Lover

Good Morning Lover

Cast all your care upon me and I will give you rest. Today I don’t want you to take no thought or worry about anything that robs you of your peace. Let me take care of them. As your bridegroom I long to be with you today and just abide in you. I opened up this day anticipating our communication. Through your rush and haste today, you forgot to speak to me. But, rest assured, I know you thought of me in your heart. I don’t have insecurities, so I trust in the relationship we have. You don’t prove to me that I am number one in your life by the routines that other men do. You know like, I pray three times a day, I study the bible every morning at 5 am. I know the strength of your love for me is when you say I trust you Lord when your days seems dark. I feel it when you got that unexpected surprise and you immediately say thank you to me. I see in when you come to the aid of a friend or family. I know even then that you are loving me. Please don’t treat me with the world’s recipe of love.
I love you in so many ways daughter, and it takes a special woman to see me in the many areas of her life. But, I love you so much that in so many ways, I tell you that I love you daily. I’ve gone to prepare a special place for you my bride. I have adorned with everything that a bride would want and is worthy of. I want you to know your value today. That’s why I don’t want you to worry about anything today. I want to take that burden away. I don’t want any petty distractions that subtract you from the woman you are.
Today I want you to take time by spending time on your vision. I have planted purpose in your heart and filled you with my expectations of you to make you whole and complete. I know that I have given you the heart to help others with their dream, but today work on your vision. What is the difference between dreams and visions? Visions are your purpose and dreams are someone else’s vision.
I’ll wait for you at the end of the day as I always do. I close each day with thoughts of you and how I have secretly admired you throughout your day. I smiled as I saw you showing kindness to a co-worker who you felt didn’t deserve it. I marveled at the softness of your voice when you suppressed your anger and I felt like you were talking to me as you flirted with your spouse. I love you daughter and there is no one else like you in my life.

1 Peter 5:7bags

Dr. Harris

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