“His Will, Her Way” Conference Highlights

There are a multitude of women empowerment conferences across the globe. With hopes of doing better, being better or receiving a one word from a guru or the Lord, women pursue empowerment. The challenge with several conferences is that women attend and receive deposits without deliverance, connections without commitment, meet sassy sisters without embracing sisterhood and walk away with information without direction on application. That was a mouthful.

The Leading Ladies “His Will, Her Way” Empowerment Tour was unique. Prayers were for God to show up like fire. Belief was that every single woman that attended would get exactly what she came for. The expectation was that women would be set free. God delivered on His promises. The consensus is that the attendees feel better, faith has increased, excuses have decreased, hearts were mended, and true sisterhood has been cultivated.

If it had to be described in one word, it would be "Awesome."

His Will, Her Way Tour
Leading Ladies and the NFL & NBA Moms visit the
Tree of Life Clinic in Columbus, GA

What happens when you don’t have insurance? The Tree of Life Medical Clinic can provide healthcare cost to approximately 40,000. Unfortunately, there are no physicians, equipment, or support staff for the new facility donated by Columbus Regional. Leading Ladies and the NFL & NBA Moms joined forces to help with this endeavor, tour the facility, share testimonies and charge the community to invest in this free opportunity for healthcare. Sheryl Howard, mother of NBA Player Dwight Howard, shared with the Charity Gala attendees “the face of no health insurance.” After changing health insurance companies, Mrs. Howard lost health insurance for 3.5 years due to a pre existing health condition. Her testimony taught the audience that the face of no health insurance is not about social class, race, creed or religion. Every socioeconomic class, culture, race, etc. are affected.

The vision for the Tree of Life was clear and made plain. Attendees caught the vision and invested in the call to action.

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