Journey Back to Wellness


I’m back on my journey to wellness. Yesterday I started fitness training to get rid of unwanted pounds, but really to deal with some health issues. I’ve gotten off track for the past two years and my journey back to health will be daunting. But, I am determined this time to not let Life get in the way. My first day in the class about 20 minutes in the class, I felt faint. My heart rate climbed and I knew I was headed for trouble. What a minute! There is no way that I could be this out of shape. What happened to muscle memory all my trainers before told me about? Someone need to talk to my muscles because none of them remembered anything about training. My new trainer was excellent. He didn’t push me, in fact for the first time in my life, I knew I needed to stop and that I wasn’t going to pushed, forced, screamed to continue. This has been done to me so often in personal training and other classes. This time I listened to my body. My new trainer, knew that I needed a break and he actually forced me to admit that I needed a break. That was different.

To start things off, I am double dehydrated. Did I mention that I hate water? I had not drunk the 24 hours before which is a no-no. I am also on a medication that has diuretic properties (yeah, for someone who doesn’t drink water). So you can imagine how that is working out for me. Finally, I have diabetes. What in the world was I thinking. I hadn’t prepared my body at all. I recently had a conversation with my physician. Oh did I mention that I doctor myself. I have just enough knowledge to be dangerous. The last few months my diabetes was out of control despite my best effort and I finally surrendered and went to the doctor. I knew that she would tell me about diet and exercise. What doctor doesn’t? Any who, I purposed to start back exercising. I had already adopted healthier lifestyle, but I know for my particular body, I get healthy through exercise. I know that I can pretty much eat what I want when I exercise. My body just responds very quickly to exercise. So when my very next door neighbor of 6 years (whom I just met a month ago, I’m so embarrassed) told me about a personal trainer, I said, Oh! Here’s your sign.

I’m a type A personality so to not finish the class would have messed with my psyche all night, not to mention my neighbor Catrina had been so kind to allow me to come with her. But, I will tell you what happened to me yesterday. I walked out of my comfort zone twice. I started taking control of my health and I started building on a friendship. This isn’t just health, that’s wellness.

I woke up with anticipation. This Fall weather makes me feel so excited. It’s a season of health and love for me. For some strange reason, the Fall makes me want to fall in love again. Hopefully in a few weeks that will be less of me to cuddle next to as I set reasonable goals for weight loss. I have purposed to detox the first five days of each month until the new year and then I will do a 30 totally body detox. I’ve done a detox every January for the past few years. This, I believe jump starts my health for the year.

On my way to work, I got excited all over again as I heard nature talking to me. I will find time to create space in my head for meditation and for walking in the park again. There’s something to be said of walking in the park on a Fall morning that is so peaceful. My respect for nature has returned. I see God in it’s beauty and his amazing ability to make the earth sing as I walk along. Happy Organic Thursday!

I am the Organic Sista. I am married to the sexiest man in the world and the mother cutest kid in the world I call “Beetle.” I hate to edit and it somehow’s throws off my organic nature (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it). I’m at my best when I’m making natural products, gardening, crafting and reading the Bible.

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