Microscope Monday

Microscope Monday:  Let each woman examine herself closely.  Over the last few months I have been from one event to the next. I’ve learned some things along the way.  One events are nerve racking, two, it takes careful planning.  Three, women are very slack (yeah, I said that too.)  Recently a friend was having an event that had food.  The day before her event only 10 people had paid.  About 50  people showed up at the door.  She also told me that many of the ladies said that they would pay at the door.  The problem with this is that, she was not able to account for the food.  This is the same with a friend who had a conference, many wanted to pay the day of event.  How do you account for the conference material if you don’t have an idea.   And finally, I’ve been to events local and other, where women have RSVP and not shown up.  This is probably a personal pet peeve of mine, because that is disrespectful.  Most of us LL are managers of something even if it is our own home.  So we know the details are in our details.  RSVPing to an event and not showing up is not support.  Ladies, please stop doing it, or do not do it as a LL.  With everything let your answers be yes and no.    We have a reputation as being catty and un-supportive as other women.  Let’s begin to change that right now and today.  Many of you know that if I say I will do this…. or say that I will be there.  Nothing short of death, hospitalization or something beyond my reach… I’m there!  I’m loyal and I practice loyalty.  On this microscope Monday, make a commitment to someone else’s vision or event and stick with it to the end.    Do something wild like RSVP to someone and SHOW UP!  I love the English language and my WORD means everything to me.  Happy Microscope Monday!

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