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This is the image of my journey last Saturday as I walked with my friend Diane in the cool of the morning.  I had awaken to a sudden burst of energy.  I was anxious to get out.  This is also known as a “new high” for people when they first start or restart exercising.  I was so excited this morning that my body wasn’t aching as bad as I thought it would be from the previous day of bootcamp that I thought I would try my luck at this exercise thing again.  As I journeyed through the park, I put on my favorite gospel music and I began to dance.  Now this is new for me.  I’m not shy anymore, but I am reserved.   In my car I am subject to dance like David danced, but never in public would I do such a thing.  I don’t know if it is the fall weather that I enjoy so much or the fire that it stored up in my bones when I hear music.  Whatever the reality is, I’m heading into unchartered territories.  Some might say that I am reinventing myself, but I lets just say that I am reimagining myself.  But, I am Happy, Happy, Happy.  In fact, I think I will download the happy song from Pharrell Williams because we are both HAPPY.

The fellowship with Diane as we walked our 2 1/2 miles was filled with Diane telling me everything inside and outside her life.  (You just gotta love Diane.  She will give you all the details).  But, as we walked along this pathway to health, I stop my thoughts just to observe this sister friend.  In the most pivotal times in the past two years, I realized that often times when I looked to my left, she was there.  When Leading Lady Lashanda died she was there to experience the pain with me.  Diane was also  right there as a supporter and encourager with Lashanda as they FORCED me to start a natural company.  Then, when my sister died two months later.  It was her, at the hospital as I agonized on whether it was biblical to remove my sister from life support holding my hand.  For all the years that I didn’t have close female fellowship, I looked over at Diane this day, and saw sisterhood magnified.

We are two totally different people.  I’m more cerebral and she is more spontaneous and aloof.  Yet, she gets me and allows me to be my quirky, nerdy and don’t-fit-in self. I allow her to be her and I love it.  She has taught me so much and I’ve known that there has been a purpose in our friendship.   How lucky am I now that I am removing myself from off the grid to know that she is still my friend who didn’t take it personal that I took a break from life.  I began to calculate some of the additions to my life and I realized that God has added Diane and for this I am grateful.  The past two years has allowed me to see God and gratitude in so many things that I would have casually dismissed or flat out ignored.  It is easy to see the beauty in nature and people when given the time.  But, it is much more special when you can find gratitude in someone calling you, a friendly text or last week a friend calling me singing Stevie Wonder’s song, “I just called to say, I Love You”.  I had sung this to Deanna (off key of course) one day and it gloriously made her day.  The day that she left it on my voice mail, I realize that you do reap what you sow.  It came at a great time, HARVEST TIME! I play it over and over again.  Her voice is beautiful.

The rest of my day was filled with such wonder and awe.  I went to a baby shower of a neighbor and the joy of a newborn filled the atmosphere. The baby clothes are so cute and all the new stuff for babies is amazing.   I can’t remember a time that I have looked in the face of a baby and it didn’t make me smile.  In fact I have several people that just bring joy to me.  Several years ago, I met three kids that inspired me in such a strange crazy way. I met them and I instantly knew that Charity, Nasia and AJ had destiny written all over them.  They carried that “It” factor and I knew greatness resides in them.  To this day, I carry pictures of them and when my day gets a little low, it is them that I can always look at and I am instantly uplifted.  I believe everyone should have someone that instantly picks you up.  I’m glad I do.  They represent the future and possibilities and I’m the better for it.  It doesn’t help that they think I’m the coolest.  In fact, Charity calls me her favorite big person.  Guess, what?  She is my favorite little person.

My day ended at an event called Judgment Journey.  It is a 45 minute walk into the End Times.  This reenactment of the end times is just what I need to strengthen my faith just a little bit more.  We could all use a wake up every now and then especially in these perilous times.  The state of our current condition in politics, medicine and war, we could all use a little more Jesus.


Organic Sista


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