“The Danger of Pouring Out of an Empty Spirit”

Have you ever felt like you’re always pouring out; yet, who is pouring in? This is a common thread among so many, and it’s dangerous to pour from an empty spirit. What happens when you’re pouring out of an empty spirit? You lose focus and usually go home and crash with exhaustion. You’re easily irritated and impatient with those in your household. Little bumps seem like mountains because you haven’t tapped into the perfected strength to climb the mountain. Most importantly and the most dangerous is that you train people not to trust God when they see your oxygen mask is off; yet they still try to suck the life out of you verses going to the Bread of Life. As Believers, we must remember that Jesus saves, not us. Believers have become First Responders. Jesus is not a First Responder. He knows how to prioritize and renew his spirit (i.e. going to the wilderness to pray and rest).

So… How do you discontinue pouring out of an empty spirit? Two words, “Stop it.” It’s nothing deep. 🙂


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