Who, What, Where,When Wednesday

Who, What, Why Wednesday.  I’ve been missing in action for two days and this is the reason why.  There are many mysteries that we will never know on this side of Glory.  Questions like, Why are here? Why is the world round? Who is the creator? What is my purpose?  Where did God come from?  For the last few days my questions are God, why so much pain?  Why, do we have to die to live? Why can’t I heal everyone and especially those I love? (just being real)  Yesterday I was mixed with emotion because one of my truest friends came to visit.  She is dealing with cancer.  I didn’t want her to see the fear I’ve had for 3 months.  I wanted to be her cheerleader this because she has been my biggest supporter and cheerleader.  Laeh Shea exists because she told me I could do it.  As soon as I saw her, the most amazing kind of love flooded my heart.  I secretly felt my heart beating for her.  I wanted to breathe for her; I wanted to take all that she has endured away but mostly fight Cancer for her.  At that moment I wanted to trade places with her. I felt that I could do a better job and give her rest.   I’ve loved her for awhile now, but the depth of my love surprised me.  I realized my love had transitioned from friends to sisters.  We embraced but this time was different. It was a little longer than our standard greeting.  Her arms felt weak, but the strength of her virtue cradled me.  Her eyes read I needed to see you and I knew too, it was what we both needed.   She is living to fight while I have been fighting to live.  I’ve asked myself what is the difference now in our love.  Before, as friends  we laughed and we cried together and had fun.  But, a sisterhood has emerged.  We became family.   She said to me today, YOU ARE MY FAMILY.  Family is all we really have in this world tangibly, everything else is but a vapor.  I took a chance on loving her and I won!  For those few hours, we knew that we had reached a spiritual depth that mainly comes through a near death experience.  Her’s physically, mine emotionally.  Today, I added one more step on the Leading Lady Ladder.  I have experienced true sisterhood.  I felt her cancer as if it was my own. What cancer has tried to steal ,kill and destroy has been replaced with loving kindness.  Ladies, I’ve found my newest level of love and it looks so good on Lashanda Miles.

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