As part of your drugs and alcohol policy, a pre-employment drug and alcohol screen for applicants is an effective way of preventing future problems.

Legally, employers, courts, attorneys, and private individuals can choose from a wide variety of non-DOT or DOT drug and alcohol tests which can detect virtually any
substance. Most employers have established that it is within their rights to ensure the workplace is drug free. Part of this is to protect your workplace by screening out drugs
or alcohol abusers before they become employees. An employer can establish a program for testing job applicants for drug or alcohol usage as long as it is administered
fairly and accurately. The following points must be considered as part of your drugs and alcohol policy before commencing with a pre-employment screening program:


A written drugs and alcohol testing policy that requires job applicants to be drug and alcohol free.
•   Written notice of testing is given before the applicant may be tested.
•   Before hiring.
•   The written notice details the type of drug testing that will be carried out.
•   The applicant may need to be given a conditional job offer letter that indicates that the offer is conditional on completion of a drug test with a negative result.
•   The applicant must consent to having a sample taken for drug and alcohol testing purposes.
•   The same testing program should be implemented for all applicants in a particular category or there could be implications of discrimination.

How can we help?

For pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, Columbus Research & Wellness Institute recommends the following  types of test:

1. Urine laboratory screen and confirmation.  The urine laboratory screen and confirmation is a highly accurate test when a donors sample is screened in our
accredited laboratory. A report is produced for all negative screens between 24 and 48 hours after sample collection. Non-negative results proceed to a
laboratory confirmation phase of testing where the substance and it's cut-off level is identified


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