Site Operating Systems & Setup Packages

Columbus Research & Wellness offers the best in start up packages for clinical research sites. 

These packages will help bring structure and integrity to your site with the proper documentation necessary to conduct good clinical trials.  These forms, templates, and operational procedures will ensure that your organization highly efficient, profitable as well as provide a consistent guideline for all personnel at your site.

•    Site Development and Setup Package
•    Patient Recruitment System and Operation Package
•    Agreements and Contracts Package
•    Human Resources Package
•    Pre-Study Site Visit Package
•    Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Package
•    Website Content Package

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Site Development & Setup Package

- $4,995.00 US Dollars per package (non-refundable)
- Site structure and staff requirement
- Website Setup/Revision
- Study support templates
- Investigator recruitment system
- Agreements and contracts package
- Human resources package (as shown below)
- Patient recruitment package (as shown below)
- PSSV package (as shown below)
- SOPs package (as shown below)
- Trials tracking package (as shown below)

Agreements and Contracts Package

- $495.00 US Dollars per package (non-refundable)
- Agreements and contracts for all staff required at a site
- Total Eight (8) agreements and contracts
- One (1) required legal document

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) Package
- Offered to USA sites only
- $395.00 US Dollars per package (non-refundable)
- One master set

Pre-Study Site Visit Package

- $195.00 US Dollars per package (non-refundable)
- Complete set of documents required for PSSV

Patient Recruitment System and Operation Package

- Offered to USA sites
- $1,495.00 US Dollars per package (non-refundable)
- Patient recruitment strategy and process
- All documents required to recruit patients
- Patient resources template
- Advertising material

Clinical Trials Coordinating Package

- $495.00 US Dollars per package (non-refundable)
- All documents and logs required to successfully coordinate clinical  trials

Human Resources Package

- $295.00 US Dollars per package (non-refundable)
- Employee handbook
- Eighteen (18) office and management documents
- Two (2) required legal documents

Website Content Package

- $495.00 US Dollars per package (non-refundable)
- Complete instructions about website layout
- Complete website content write up required for a site

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